Animals (животные)
английский язык

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It’s a farm animal. It eats grass. It’s white or black. It’s a…
What animals can swim?
The elephant is the … animal.
- What … is your pet? – It’s black.
It’s brown. It can be big or little. It’s funny. It likes bananas. It’s a…
This animal is orange with white and black stripes. It has big teeth. This...
I usually take my pet … a walk.
- …is your pet? – It’s three.
It’s a wild animal. It’s grey and angry. It likes meat. It’s a…
My mother looks … my pet
The crocodile is … than the frog.
Dolphins are the … animals.
This animal has got the longest neck. It is a…
What animals have got long tails?
It’s big. It’s a domestic animal. It gives us milk. It’s a…
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