Animals (животные)
английский язык

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The elephant is the … animal.
The crocodile is … than the frog.
What animals have got long tails?
It’s a farm animal. It’s pink. It’s a…
It’s green and big. It can swim. It eats meat. It’s a…
It’s brown. It can be big or little. It’s funny. It likes bananas. It’s a…
My mother looks … my pet
Dolphins are the … animals.
What animals can swim?
- …is your pet? – It’s three.
I usually take my pet … a walk.
This animal is big and grey. It lives in Africa and Asia. It’s an…
It’s a domestic animal. It can talk and fly. It’s a…
The hare’s ears are … than the fox’s ones.
This animal is little. It has got a short tail and long ears. It’s a…
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